Alex, now men, is later seen with Halfborn Gunderson because they praise Samirah and you will Amir Fadlan

Sif also heating to help you Alex

Due to Loki’s strategies, Sam’s grand-parents together with Fadlan nearest and dearest have learned regarding the Norse gods in addition to their link with Sam, thus Sam tries to show Amir the fresh Bifrost Bridge to higher his understanding of its industry. As the her 1 / 2 of-aunt, Alex volunteers to get a great chaperone so you’re able to Sam, and he themselves was chaperoned of the Halfborn. Immediately after Amir is revealed new Connection, they are all invited to get to know Heimdall, however, Halfborn decides to stay trailing. During the appointment, Alex lies on the newest Link and you will can make “white angels”. After studying the region of Thor’s hammer, Heimdall falls all of them away from beside the Fadlans’ cafe. Alex touches Magnus, Sam and you can Amir for lunch because they talk about the effects away from Sam’s grandparents understanding this new 9 Globes. Afterwards, Magnus and Alex go back to Lodge Valhalla, although not before Alex smartly requests a beneficial doggie purse in order to clean up the fresh new kept falafel.

The second day, it head to Randolph’s house into the Midgard to search for clues that you will cause them to Thrym. Appropriate, they get a hold of a photo out of Bridesmaid Veil Drops, that they believe is where Sam is going to rating , Hearth, and Blitz soon later on. With the aid of Stanley, both happen to be Jotunheim including Blitz, where they aim to select Utgard-Loki. Once an encounter which have an enormous named Tiny, whoever huge bag they want to bring, Alex informs Magnus concerning factors away from their delivery.

Whenever Blitzen possess changed the fresh new bag so you’re able to compress right down to regular proportions, the latest threesome check out Utgard-Loki’s castle, in which they reunite with Sam and you may Fireplace. Alex and you may Magnus was tasked with defeating a pair of monsters in the bowling, within the an event at Utgard Lanes. Although not, this new beasts shed an illusion for the lane of your einherjar, while making its bowling balls take a trip courtesy a gateway one to links in order to Midgard’s Light Slopes. The icon duo move one or two perfect frames, when you’re Magnus and you will Alex’s individual rolls try not to apply at the brand new pins. In their last physique, Alex satisfies give with Magnus in order to dispel the newest illusory site to each other. Magnus bowls the best physique, when you find yourself for their body type Alex shapeshifts with the a keen elephant and you will knocks overall new pins. It next victory the newest competition.

Magnus and Alex, currently women, do a conversation out of Alex’s gender fluidity, and Alex demonstrates to you so CharmRomance you’re able to Magnus that the term she does not select since the neither like to be regarded having fun with it/all of them pronouns

Shortly after Utgard-Loki gives them all the info they should recover Thor’s hammer, the group was chased of the Utgard-Loki’s creatures however they are nearly instantaneously stored by deity Sif, partner off Thor. Sif teleports them to their residence within the Asgard in which Thor also schedules via Yggdrasil, and presents Fireplace that have a bag away from runes given that a present. Since the she flights the newest lift along with her family members so you can Thor’s “man-cave”, Alex conveys their particular initially dislike to have Sif, and you may agrees with Samirah if latter states your deity is both dense and vain. Later on, immediately following revealing new recovery from Mjolnir which have Thor, Alex proposes to imagine to be Thrym’s bride to be when you look at the Samirah’s lay, as a result of the oath of ir to the Bifrost also due to the fact their confidence within her power to getting immune to help you Loki’s efforts. Whenever Thor argues you to definitely she’s an enthusiastic argr and never a beneficial “correct girl”, Alex retorts you to she’s gender water and you will suitable for work.

Another early morning, Alex is actually wearing planning to own their unique “wedding” by Sif, immediately after which her view of your goddess alter. Following the deity Sif gets Alex dressed up and so they come out, Magnus try left awestruck viewing Alex since the she appears gorgeous. Magnus and you can Sam buy ready for the marriage because chaperone plus the bridal, and Alex teased Magnus in the their costume. Upcoming, Sif opens all of them a gateway in order to Taco Bell in which Thor’s chariot is actually wishing.

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